You’re Wasting Your Time

Committing to love is vowing to death
in the end something that was alive is now dead
after all love is just delayed pain,

Indulging oneself in warmth and comfort
not knowing that one day it will all be gone
the frigid loneliness takes over the wandering soul
trying to achieve the incessant affection existing before,

But having such an emotion is exceptional
blinding to the unknowing lover
a constant roof of safety over it’s emotions
always knowing that however deep one falls
there is always someone falling with them
spiraling down the endless abyss
comforting each other as they reach closer
to the unobtainable glimmer in the distance,

A pleasant blanket of assurance engulfing its victim
aiding to its every need
accommodating every wish and desire
concealed in a limitless glass box of ecstasy,

But not forever,

Clueless to the inevitable pain that will ensue
soon the door to the living room with the crackling fireplace will fly open
and the bitter briskness of loneliness will overcome,

Love is a distraction, a disturbance along the path towards death
although with love, death may come much sooner.

– Henry Scarlato, The Haverford School, Class of 2017

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