What Remains

Our love was that of cardinals
huddled together
dueting against the imposing cold

Tuning our pitches
Refining our harmonies
We composed elegant music

But as her voice rose above mine
our duet became her solo
You yearned to sing with a bird
whose notes could dance with yours

You found that in my friend
And together you sing a new song

Different loves strike different chords
Each unique note embodies a memory
Like the times I used blush when you kissed me
with your Rapunzel hair draped over my back

Our royal ballroom your white tiled kitchen floor
where you taught me to dance

Parked outside was the pickup truck
where you taught me to love

These notes are gone
And you have returned

It’s been long since we last sang our song
Yet together we sing


Out of tune

Remains of what was
And a reminder of what could have been…

– Connor Lees, The Haverford School, Class of 2017

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