An Unrequited Orchestra Reverberates

Glancing across the room
trying to turn away,
she wonders about him
staccatoing across the staff.

Feeling a sound of renewal,
fighting an infinite grin,
she fails to control her heart
skipping every which way.

Pondering about his bow
running across her strings,
she never crashes him
out of melody, into oblivion.
Driving her into insanity,
trailing up her metronome,
she rips ambiguous notes,
stressing her high-pitched fever.

She eyes his questioning rhythm,
hearing her harmony will he
reject her symphony ever
bursting her steady tick-tock?

Vibrating courage takes her
drumbeats, shattering tempo.
Melody crushed by symbols
crashing into mezzo piano.

The tempo steadies
    into a

Bass fingerpricks in sorrow.
Four piccolos crescend from treble,
soprano ringing as composure
recovering the vibrant melody.

– Grace Fan, The Agnes Irwin School, Class of 2016

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