Our Bond Too Strong

Thee girl shalt ne’er hurt, for a love binds,
A bond so strong, strong for as long I laste,
For if me lytel gal ache, I too feel on the inside.
But, one damp night, It came to me in haste,

“For what betides, if her hardships too fierce.”
Then came to my thoughts, I shall not forget,
“For after I am past, she shall shed tears.”
And to her shed tears, is to me to wail.

Now, I can not say, how I really feel,
For I now have been struck at a crossroads.
“And I wisht to protect me lytel seal,’
‘But a sad fate for my gal will lie forward.”

However, great God, gives one more long
day to act. The day to fix our bond too strong.

-Yeshwin Sankurati, The Haverford School, Class of 2020

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