Beyond Illusion

Start at the extremities,
The hands, holders, grippers, grabbers,
The very things that make humans distinct, and cut.
Proceed to the feet, the soles,
Uncountable steps walked,
They must have quite the story to tell,
And slice.
Tear off the legs, discard the arms.
Move to the torso; slice the belly,
Remove the guts, spill the bile,
A life’s worth of meals gone.
Reach into the chest, find the heart,
the center piece, and rip it out.
Hold it in your hand,
Feel it pump sweet warm blood, life,
Watch it contract for the last time.
Decapatate. Cart off the body,
Drain the blood and fluid.
Proceed to the eyes,
The gateways to the soul.
Go deeper, pass thought,
leave emotions behind,
And when beliefs, dreams, memories, have long since past, what remains?
The soul itself.
And as you stand at the precipice,
Look down.
Ponder the unfathomable depth,
and step off the edge.
And as you fall, what remains, then?
Being and breath;

-Michael Schlarbaum, The Haverford School, Class of 2018

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